Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Australia Day Ride - The annual bike pilgramige into the Snowy Mountains

I know I said I didn't do an ADR summary post this year for a few reasons, but that didn't mean I didn't film some of it.

Unfortunately I really hadn't nailed the audio part of this deal at all... something I am currently working on trying to use info from other motovloggers I dig like Schaaf.

So while the audio is CRAP, I am quietly pleased with how some of the footage came out.

Not that I am any peg scraping Schaaf to watch, it still looks alright. Pretty straight forward setup with my Replay XD Prime X lipstick style camera mounted straight onto my lid on the right hand side.

Filmed in HD at 1080p and 25fps the footage looks good, damn shame about that audio.

I simply cut all the bike noise out as it was nothing but fuzz which does kill the buzz a bit, but I hope you enjoy some tunes anyway.

I also screwed the image size up on the first video....whoops.

Day 1 Part 1

Day 1 Part 2

In some ways it's kinda better than a stupid blog post anyway, takes me back to how good the riding was.

I have a shit memory so I can't walk you through the exact locations but I think most of this was heading up the Omeo Highway area and into the Snowys.

My gear includes:

My camera:
ReplayXD Prime X cam

My helmet mount:
Replay XD 1080 HeimLock Mount

My other camera:

My smartphone holder:
RAM Universal X-Grip with Claw

My helmet:
Aria Signet Q Pro Tour helmet

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