Sunday, September 28, 2014

Exclusive coupon code offer - Ruste custom jeans tailoring

G’day! In a Daily Biker world first (haha) I’m excited to be able to offer you a Coupon Code for a 10% discount on checkout on all orders from Ruste.
Ruste is an innovative tailoring service that can turn any pair of jeans into fully protective motorcycle gear without changing the way they look. We want every rider to be able to look good and stay safe.

Ruste creator Tuomas wrote me after reading my op-ed piece on UglyBros (I think I made him laugh) telling me about his services offered; turning your favourite pair of jeans into fully protective Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans.

What an aweseome idea! And he'll do it for any jeans you send him. Simple. Excellent.

This drag test is pretty impressive, that sold me:

I won’t lie, it’s not cheap for us in Australia, with our poor performing dollar against the Euro, but UK & US readers can score a good deal especially with this offer. Courier pickup and delivery included in this price!

Order your very own pair with or without pockets for knee and hip armour and use code ‘dailybiker’ at Checkout for a 10% off your total order.

Buy Now On the downside, this will make those bloody hipsters harder to spot. On the upside, I think it will also make my Levi 504s a perfect candidate for a Kevlar transplant.

I salute you Tuomas, I wish you have heaps of success and tip my hat if that was you in the slide test video!

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