Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Supermoto racing from the GoPro

More action cam captured adrenaline pumping fun Supermoto racing, this time from Denmark and Japan.

I think I've got the bug.
This turned up on SuperMoto Australia and I had to reshare, great to hear proper audio instead of a soundtrack for once. It's actually a really nicely done video with the raw footage being edited up well to show just how twitchy it is between the two different bikes.

Check it out...

Championship Supermotard Afdeling 2. Skærbæk Denmark. Danmarksmesterskabet i Supermoto 2014 

Listen up to that two stroke screaming it's head off, no sweeter sound on Earth. Until the thumper cranks up alongside and past him. Supermoto, super fun.

If you liked that, which is a cart track, then check this out from Japan with a proper track including jumps, dirt and pretty spectacular crash on the first Lap.

Japanese Supermoto Championships - Round 1

Nice one.

These videos are more studio produced, compared to the first one above, but seriously ust play the sound of the damn bikes!

Round 2

Round 3

so, anyway who's up for a go kart track day on the tards? Pick me, pick me!

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