Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just another sunny Sunday

This week off work has been a hoot, I've done plenty of motorcycling related activity and a bit of riding, but nothing beats putting the final touches on a project and looking up to find a perfectly sunny day for a ride to test that new project out.
In this case, said project was a Trail Tech Vapor dashboard to replace the stock dash on the DRZ 400. I couldn't get the speedo working at first with the old GS wheels but once I got the Torpedo 7 motard wheels on the speedo worked fine, it was just way out by 10-20kms because of the different diameter front wheel size. The dirt wheel is a 19 (or it could be a 21, I haven't checked) so naturally the speedo isn't calibrated for the smaller front wheel.

The other thing I was quite keen on about the Trail Tech, was the fact that I'd get a temp gauge, and a tacho! Very excited I put the last few things together (tip: don't cut any stock wiring loom you unplug because there is no need) and secured it to the mounting bracket.

Time for a blast in the sun!

I found this stretch of road by accident while out with the other half in the cage, so I wanted to check it out on 2wheels. Turns out it is 2km of perfect motard hairpins. One after the other, first swooping down hill then climbing back up.

This was my first run, but I tell you it felt like I was going a lot harder than what it looks! I thought I was flying. Leg out, pushing bars down, hard on the brakes and powering out of corners. Turns out, video makes things look a lot different eh? Looks like my nana was riding.

Hopefully I'll improve my corner speeds and learn how to back it in one day.

I tell you what though, I reckon it takes more skill to ride a $5k motard FAST, than it does to ride a $20k Ducati Multistrada FAST.

The little motard is much less forgiving that the Duc with all of it's techno wizadry on board... justa passing thought as I sign off.

Until next time, stay upright!

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