Friday, April 4, 2014

Final stage DRZ 400 makeover: Yoshimura RS-4

This has been a long time coming. I originally ordered it in Feb and it's now April, but it's been worth the wait.

It was custom fabricated for me by Yoshimura in Japan so that makes it special.
Installation is easy even for a Lego Mechanic like me.

The original pipe comes off with about 6 10mm bolts and a 5mm hex key. Installing it all up took a few hours, mostly because of my inexperience.

I removed the side fairings, seat and loosend the box, it slides right off without any fuss.
First up, take all frame bolts out, slip the box off.

Next get a 6mm allen key (I think) on the header bolts and crack them loose. I used some DW-40 on them earlier and let it sink in to loosen. It too came out piece of cake.

Then you need to remove the stock kickstand and install the Yoshi custom one which is bent out and away from the left pipe.

Taking the springs off the stand proved a problem, those suckers are heavy duty. Snapped the supplied spring pulling tool in first attempt.
Crappy cast shit spring puller snapped first attempt.

Once that was on, it was simple. Bolt on the header pipe at the block.
Yoshi twin header pipe out
Then fit the header pipe just finger tight.
Install the header pipe

The squeeze the o-rings onto the pipes, left and right, and bolt up the frame mounts. Unfortunately the SM seems to have different frame mounts so on my E model I was only able to use one bolt as the main support for the hanger.
Squeeze those fat boys into the whole and thread on the spacers.

Then hang the pipes. I'm missing rear sets so I can only get one hanger bolted on.
Pipes on!

Hook up the exhaust springs, left and right. 

The tighten everything up making sure you check clearance on the stand. I don't have a torque wrench (are you reading this Santa?) so I just tensioned full hand tight.


Then you get to kick it in the guts. 

As you can tell, I was mighty pleased with myself. I am told that it is best to do a Jet Kit with this exhaust, although there is no mention of it with the pipe install itself so for now I am running without it. I do have the right JDJetting kit waiting, but I figure one job at a time. So, that's the last major update to Dizzy, he is now full street motard and sounding pretty tuff.

Since writing this someone pointed out that I have the pipes hung unevenly. Quite right. The left pipe is slung too low and the kickstand has touched it on a flip in dammit all.

Rookie error. It appears that project bikes are never finished until they are finished, and I'm okay with that.

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