Thursday, March 13, 2014

Choosing an exhaust for a Suzuki DRZ 400

Secretly I knew this would happen all along; I don’t know about you, but in my house bike ‘new ideas/projects’ have to slip in quietly, gently at the right time…

'oh it’s just a little dirt bike….

I’ll just get it registered’ no mention of the 'just get an exhaust for it' etc.

It's a slippery slope.
Well that’s exactly what’s happening here. The minute I got that plastics kit on I started seeing ‘things’ I wanted to do to it.

That’s partly why I bought it. I wanted something to play with and something to commute on. Something less expensive to break (but hopefully not too much) than the Ducati. Something where parts are a dime a dozen and customisation options are infinite.

So a Yoshimura RS 4 pipe is on its way. I have to wait for it to be made - is that what it means getting a custom pipe?

Previous owner has pretty much gutted the stock exhaust so Dizzy currently sounds like an ag bike which isn’t ideal in urban assault mode. I took my time with the exhaust and looked at heaps of different options from the cheap chinese boxes on eBay to the top of the line carbon jobs that belong on the track. I decided on something I haven't seen a lot of on other DRZs with the twin shorty pipes, but in an Aluminium/Stainless combo.

It's funny, on the Ducati considering exhausts is almost certainly a conversation that is running into thousands of dollars and it seems somehow acceptable, but on a DRZ a few hundred dollars can get you a slip on and anything over three figures just seems ridiculous. Something about over capitalisation perhaps?

I thought long and hard about it and went for what I really wanted, what would make me happy so and at this point, I can only dream as to how it is all going to finish out. Hopefully it isn't too far away now.

One feature I am excited about is the custom Yoshi stand. I like the extra added touch, and obviously it needs it now having pipes running under and out on both sides of the swing arm.

I like a deep note, something more boomy that barky and sound did play a part for me for sure. Here are some of the other exhaust notes I considered in making my final decision.

Two Brothers

Big Gun

Leo Vince

Yoshi RS 2

 and the one I finally settled on, and yes, this video certainly helped make that decision.

Yoshi RS 4

Now it's just the waiting game... and USPS Shipping...


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