Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stage one makeover: DRZ 400 better beater

It had to happen.

I knew I couldn't ride it around long and not do something to it. So I'm into round one of the makeover, it's on the road and I reckon it's looking pretty respectable.

For a beater.
I ordered a new set of Acerbis plastics from eBay pretty much the same week I bought it, but they just lay there as other crap kept me occupied until I sat down in the shed one day, put some music on and thought, right let's get at this and see what I can do. I replaced the front shrouds and rear panels but had some issues with the tail that required serious stanley blade work. The guard had what looked like a fuller tail section than what fit, hack hack and trim trim until it slid in nicely. That tailpiece was annoying the crap out of me though. I mean look at it.

It's the moby dick of guards and it had to go. I scored this nice tail eliminator and a set of LED blinkers for the rear from BikeBiz for a little over $160 shipped and I was determined to actually do this myself and make it work.

Turns out everything was pretty straight forward. Two wires for the left, two for the right and two for the stop light.

Stripped and joined all the wires up and turned it on. Huzzah, everything worked. Jammed that new rear fender in and got it all screwed up in a few hours.

It's amazing how much cleaner it actually looks stripped back to basic black without any bubbled stickers and crap too. Once I started looking at them I realised that they only made it look worse so I just stripped the whole lot off and left it all basic black, new motard beak, shrouds, rear panels and a fender and it looks almost respectable. I actually quite like the way it looks, I feel a bit like Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pinesriding it, while robbing banks on the back wheel.

But, those wheels... hmm... they still bug me. I believe they are original Suzuki RGV 250 wheels, or possibly a GS 500, but made in Japan so from a road bike, but ugh, they just look fugly. I think the bike needs spoke wheels from a SM to complete the look.

Keeping an eye on eBay for any bargains. The other thing it really needs (I never researched this properly of course, just bought the first freaking DRZ I looked at) is a full system, preferably aYoshimura. From my experience, Yoshi and Suzuki are meant for each other.

I'm just being a bit tight about the investment, I really wished I had of hung out for a better beater. Haha...

Those mirrors are on the way out too, as soon as I get this shipmentfrom Highway Dirt Bikes in the States, it'll have a set of fat bars and funky flip out mirrors. I've run into a bit of a postage problem with USPS and a lack of a clear way to communicate with them so right now I am just completely in the dark as to when they might turn up. So there ya have it folks. BD (Before Dan).

AD (After Dan)

Slightly better beater. Stay tuned for stage two.

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