Thursday, February 13, 2014

Safety conscious fashion tips for the anti-SQUID

We see them on our daily rides sometimes, memes are full of em and I dare say that if you are reading this then there is a percentage chance that at some point in your riding history, you have been a SQUID, or at least part squid (Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Imminently Dead).
But you don't want to be that rider.

You know it's bonkers to wear shorts and thongs on a bike that can hit the national speed limit in first gear, right? So I have come up with a list for the bare bones minimum for the anti-SQUID, the 'Minimum Viable' that won't compromise your safety so that you can master the ultimate look while motorcycling.

So you can BE the stereotype SQUID, maintaining that edgy look we all want, and still be relatively safe. Ryan Gosling in Beneath the Pines, that's what we're going for here.

1. Grab the best looking pair of Kevlar jeans you can find.

They are everywhere, I'm talking $99 from AMX or wherever you live the motorcycle warehouse kinda place that always has pair of jeans with heaps of fashion stitching and cool looking pocket flaps with studs (that you cut off later).

2. Make sure they accommodate knee armour

Most pairs I've had are reinforced with Kevlar knees but the next level anti-Squid I'm talking about will source the kind that has removable CE approved knee armour flaps built in. Brilliant.

Purchase as required. Yeah that's right the industry still wants your hard earn coin and they charge extra for armour. But it's worth your skin to look this cool while still being 'minimum viable' protected. Draggin Jeans are an Australian company making the best in the business, they have armour too, of course.

3. Grab a black Kevlar hoodie

These are flooding the market at the moment and in oz can be picked up for $139 aud online from a range of places. I have seen them for around $120AUD on eBay. Grin Factor is another great Aussie company making a good range of kevlar hoodies.

The great thing about these is that they look like normal hoodies, but they have kevlar lining.... Some even have provision for full back (and shoulder/elbow) CE approved armour. Top safety marks for a jumper.

4. Make sure it accommodates back and elbow armour

Again the best ones will accommodate CE approved back and elbow armour. I scored mine while touring the UK from a sales rack in a motorcycle warehouse in York, complete with skulls and a dope logo, yo. But again, Grin Factor has CE Approved armour for their range too.

5. Black goretex boots

These babies come in wide ranges to suit your image from Batman to Clark Kent so it's down to style choice hear but try and get soft leather ones that come halfway up your shin, or if you are going the whole hog get a set of armoured shoes.

6. Smarten up with a Schampa

This shit is for real. These body hugging long sleeve semi gloved bits of kit that fight the weather like you won't believe until you try one. Perfect for under that bad ass looking hoody, perfect for fighting the elements. Steves review.

7. Top it off with a dual sport lid

I reckon there are two choices when it comes to lids. Shoei or Arai if you have the coin. If you don't you can still score a decent looking dual sport with a visor (preferably tinted black for this look) without spending a fortune. Go for a fast one, and by that I mean one that you can throw on and off real quick like, no messing around, remember this is the get away vehicle in The Place Beyond the Pines so you won't have time for fancy clicky latches and crazy stuff.

8. Dainese shorties

These babies are the bomb. If you haven't had a set of shorties yet, do yourself a favour this summer and grab a pair (just don't do long distance in them). Super comfy little leather jobbies with full armour on the knuckles and fingers completes the anti-squid outfit without compromising your safety.

Don't be that guy, it's not worth it.  

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