Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What's new with you?

Hi there, Dan the intermittent blogger here with a highly anticipated long awaited serious update on being a Daily Biker.

That's sounds a bit naff when I read it back, but I guess I am really. I do ride daily.

I think I actually could call myself a professional rider now? Does riding a Postie bike aka Honda 115 Super Cub qualify for that manly title? Idk.

Anyway, things are good. Health is steady, MS hasn't progressed and there is no bleak outlook in my immediate horizon on that front so that's good.

Making the change from office pimp to outdoors master of step through scooter has been a good thing. I feel better. I think I look better for a bit of fresh air and sunshine and I actually enjoy getting up and going to work for 'the man' because I know that I get to ride around like a wally in hi viz gear for a couple of hours to pay the bills.

And by pay the bills, I mean buy more motorcycles.

So what's been happening?

Well, let's start with teh Grom. I think I left off with it in fairly stock state.That's no longer true.

May as well just list out what I have done for the sheer embarrassment of it all.

I think that's it. Oh and some rubber, he badly needed better hoops so I got these whack Sava tyres and luckily they turned out to be really good, except they rather sticky so smoking it up is now a lot harder to execute. Skids are great, nice smoke and high pitch screeching sounds which is always quite satisfying (and wholly unachievable on the Bavarian Beast because ABS).

If you are looking to relive your childhood, or just want to have a really cool toy to play with, have fun on and ride like a lunatic flat knackers everywhere, then go buy a Grom. No regrets!

The Bavarian Beast has been rock solid, zero complaints period. Another ADR has come and gone with the Blackness never skipping a single beat, however the riding was somehow less spirited and adventurous as per previous years so no summation post has yet to appear from me which is odd, oh well. Suck it up.
Forgetting to turn the camera off at breaks results in this odd photo

We did decide however that next year, being year 12 of the inaugural Australia Day Ride, that we shall return the isle of apples aka Tasmania for four days of flogging steel ponies. Sounds like fun, I'm up for it (and kinda instigated it).
Dude doing stand ups on a ride on Esky, because Australia Day

I did finally get this stupid dumb arsed screen from Touratech that I waited 6 months for, only to send it back immediately and get a Puig from eBay, (which hasnt arrived yet) for one tenth the cost of said stupid Touratech one that I am sure that I will be quite happy with upon arrival.
Mandatory mountain pass shot

Nothing else really, oh - hang on, did I mention the new hoops just prior to ADR? Probably not, I am a bit forgetful when I get raving LOL.

So I got new hoops for Black Betty just prior to ADR and I went for Micheline Pilot Road Trails because A) I love PRs and B) they sounded cool with Trails on the end of the name.

Turns out they just have tougher side walls which is better in a bit of dirt and so far so good - they work brilliantly out in the twistie moutain tops in the Snowy Mountains, and what little dirt riding I have done they have felt sure footed and not skipped a beat.

It's funny you know, I think about it when I ride the Postie Bike, or the Grom for that matter. Getting back onto the Beemer is just so eeeeasy. 

It does everything effortlessly. It glides over bumps, it chews up corners, it doesn't pitch or flail about in corners no matter how hard I throw myself into them. It rips out of the apex under power like no other bike I have ever owned. Getting upon its seat is like pure joy itself. Confident, assured joy. That bike is my forever bike.

I think if I lost it or binned it, under insurance I would simply replace it. There is no question in my mind it is the best bike you can own, or - I want to own. The only thing I miss about anything in my entire history of buying and riding motorcycles quite simply comes down to one thing.

The sound of a Ducati.

Which brings me to a close for this post, with this, because....

I registered my interest with Ducati City for Scrambler Desert Sled when they arrive in June. 

Such a pretty little bike that also takes me back to my childhood, yet sounds like an air cooled L Twin should. Raspy. Like dis (FFWD to 1.12).

Mine shall be white. And ferocious. Kiss that DB Killer goodbye.

Until next time, stay fearless - and upright.

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