Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Giving myself a bad wrap

Yo peeps! I've apparently been pissing you lot off no-end by trying to flip my 'blog' into a driving force for my 'art'.

So that deserves a form of explanation on my part this week. 
This 'blog', I hate that word so let's just call it website, started out as a plan to make shit tonnes of money and leave full time work.

It started out Jan 1, 2014 and it had some success in terms of total numbers and page views and crap like that, but it turned out that we didn't really like doing it all that much. No-one really likes writing click-bait headings like this, just for Page Views.

It was more of a hassle and just another job, trying to keep fresh content happening all the time. Anyway, I did end up leaving my FT gig, more for health reasons surrounding the MS thing than the making it rich thing but regardless I had a planned leave of absence from full time work.

It must've been November 2014 when I packed in working for the man full time, and headed off on my sabbatical with a strong desire to try and forge a way ahead on my own, without going back to working for the man.

The website wasn't the answer. I thought it might be, but it turns out you need to A) work really hard, non stop, cranking out new and interesting content or B) hawk your box like a whore to advertisers to make a website make money.

I wanted to SELL something. I needed to sell something. That's when my sister mentioned something to me about my drawing chops and my love of motorcycles and why I hadn't melded the two together before. And just like that my Daily Bikers store on Etsy was born.

Fresh on sabbatical I started drawing like a man possessed. I needed 10 designs minimum to get started I figured, and that’s what I did. And people started buying stuff. I was blown away, so I kept drawing and making stuff out of my drawings and selling em on Etsy.

I opened up shop here, too, but that didn't work cause it turns out that it's mostly woman who buy my art stuff, and they buy them for YOU guys who have subscribed to my website to read my stories, not be inundated with crap about my drawings.

So I turned the shop off, here on the website, thinking, hmm okay I need to keep the two separated. Then I made a TV appearance on a TV Game Show and the host, Andrew O'Keefe mentioned my shop kindly and the traffic went bananas, but there was no shop, so that was a big lost opportunity! HA, I thought to myself. Back to the drawing board.

 So I turned the shop back on, and then I had this brain fart and started doing a weekly series of 'Drawing WIPs' where I show the progression of each drawing from outline to finished product. And every week people unsubscribed in droves.

So, learning as I go, I realised that this too, was not the answer for this website either. I put the shop back online though, and selected a couple of key categories to keep a few products here that I thought might appeal to this audience, more-so than birthday cards, fathers days cards and stuff like that.

So I kept all my other stuff and my focus, on Etsy, and it's going fine, thanks for asking. I'm nowhere near making a living out of it, but some pocket money so I can buy stuff for bikes is good. Some of you have even written me, expressing gratitude for the cool cards, gifts and moto related stuff that you received from your other halves.

This makes me very happy, thank you. But I'm thinking, maybe, just maybe you don't need to hear about my artful aspirations as much as you would like to hear about my motorcycle aspirations? Much as it was as when I set out to set the internet on fire with out incredible stories of wit, excitement and humour.

So here we are, I have cleared my conscience and explained my perspective on the 5Ws of Daily Bikers. Now we can all take a huge chill pill and just get on with loving motorcycles.

So guess what? I've bought heaps of new excellent shit lately!

Much exciting, excellent new shit and I can't wait to tell you about it.
I hope you’ll stop unsubscribing and come back next week to find out what I think of em!

Until then, Stay upright.

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