Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: First Impressions S&S Run With the Bulls Shoes

G'day. I recently stumbled across a website I didn't know about called 'Riders Line'. I stumbled across these Speed & Strength shoes and immediately thought, I’ll have those, thanks.
So, Riders Line has been around since 2014 in the motorcycle fashion and accessories market for Australia, and coming out of Melbourne I was super curious to read about them and find out what the deal was as they were new to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find proper motorcycle clothing to select from, not the hipster-bullshit-fashion-accessories-crap of other similar stores I’ve seen pop up of late. From the owner:
Riders Line stocks biker gear from top brands to suit cruiser, street bike and touring motorcycle riders across Australia. Our urban motorcycle gear is high quality and great value for money with an emphasis on fashionable styling so you can easily jump off the bike and get on with your day-to-day activities.
I was also pleasantly surprised to see their free shipping offer on purchases over $99 AUD, and a 30 day money back return and exchange program.

Inspired and as impulsive as ever I lashed out the $174.95 for a new set of riding shoes, a shoe that looks like a casual hi-top, or more specifically, a B-boy break dancing boot, but actually has all the protection you need for street riding. speedand_strength_run_w_bulls_shoe20_zoom
What happened next kinda blew my socks off. Within something like half an hour, the shipping notice was sent back to me as order received. Another half hour later, they had been dispatched! WHAT MATE? This is crazy! I kid you not, this was at maybe 3.30pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday, and as crazy as this next bit sounds, the very next morning at 7.30AM my fricken' boots were at my doorstep! WOOHOO!

Now that’s what an impulsive irrational spender like me likes to experience when shopping. SPEED. Now, hyperbole aside, the shoes. They are a Hi-top style, so that means the rise up above the ankle, are perforated leather with a suede upper and anti-slip rubber sole. They have this kinda dorky velcro strap that although dorky, has a very cool function in that you allows you to tuck your laces in and strap those suckers down. They call it a synch strap, I call it a velcro strap. It’s a synch to use, but it’s a velcro strap.

 While they are not CE approved armour or anything like that in a proper riding boot, they do have solid internal polyurethane toe box and heel cups and ankle protectors, so you know… if you go skidding down the road at 60 or maybe 80km they are gonna do much better than a pair of Rossi lace up boots (which I had been wearing). These are great wearing shoes, but protection offered is negligible to zero at best.
The nonslip rubber is dubious in my mind as I have already misplaced my footing on the rubber pegs of the GS and also slipped on a white line in the rain when stopping at the lights, but I guess this is more about walking in them perhaps?

 They are actually really bloody comfortable to walk in and yup, not slippy at all in your average urban environment. Oh, and you’re probably not meant to wear them in the rain, but I found them to be quite suffice at keeping the water out on a short 30 min commute into the city. My feet were completely dry. Huzzah!

It’s a pain in the arse trying to commute and scoot and shop and work etc etc in proper riding boots, so these cut the sandwich both ways and work very well as a functional riding shoe, and comfortable enough every day shoe, which is exactly what I wanted. More happiness ensued. I’ve got my act down pat now, top box on reversed with the expansion chamber open holds my lid and gloves, my ICON 1000 jacket over a t-shirt doubles as a functional riding coat as well as looking the ducks nuts for the everyday casual wear. Happy as Larry!

I reached out to Damian and congratulated him on his new website and awesome customer service and guess what? He was kind enough to offer YOU a ‘welcome to the fold’ discount of $10* off any Speed & Strength branded purchase between October 1 and 31st. I’m already lining up my next purchase, totally fancy one of their Kevlar shirts 😃 Until next time, stay upright.

*Conditions. Valid for $10 off the total order value when any Speed and Strength branded product is purchased. Limit one per customer. Valid from 1st October until midnight 31st October. Can’t be used with any other offer or discount. Coupon code must be entered and applied at the checkout to redeem discount. Coupon code: DAILYBIKERS10

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