Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Harley Davidson Road Glide: Drawing WIP

Rowdy howdy as we used to say in South Australia :)

You might notice a theme happening of late, and there is reason for that. You see I am trying to finish off a nice set of Harleys to add to my collection. When you do a series it is easier to make other stuff out of them, like patterns and posters etc.
 So this weeks WIP is quickly turning into one of my favourite drawings, sometimes they just come together really nicely and I think this one is. So without any further carry on, I give you the HD Road Glide in blue... mmmm The outline looked really good right from the get go. Here it is with a thick border.

Harley Davidson Road Glide - outline WIP

Then it's colour study to decide on the blues and colours I'm going to use. All those squiggly lines mean something to me if you were wondering...

Time to hit up that first layer! I always generally freak out at this point because there is no turning back and I either make the right choice regarding hues of colour, or I don't. Pretty happy with where this is heading at this stage.

I always start with about 6 shades lighter than the intended final colour as the first layer using the Copic Colour System, this means I can always go darker, but you can never go lighter...

Throwing Down Colour

Then it just keeps building, more layers of blue, slowly getting darker and trying to build the accent areas up.

Starting to get happy and also a bit nervous around this point, so I head on into the hues of grey and black and start blacking stuff out.

Really happy with where it's heading, I just keep going for it.

Layer Upon Layer

You can see the depth is starting to take shape now, now I'm a bit excited that it is going to turn out. So I add more black, do the seat, wheels, screen, bars and dash and then set to it with paint pens for the highlights....ahh...finally, I really like this drawing!

Final Product!

There wasn't much more to do with this once I had done all the highlighting so I shot it off to the printer straight away.
Once I have the product back from the printer, it's loaded up onto the Shop and made ready for sale. You can grab copies here on the Daily Biker's Store.

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