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Men & Women Who Ride & Write Motorcycle Blogs: A Roundup

G’day fellow motorcycle fiends. Blogging is a strange art, a silly electronic diary of our own internal diatribe - motorcycle blogs - we don’t do it for the money (what a joke!), I think we do it for for a variety of reasons, but most of all I think we do it because of our love of motorcycles.

I like sharing my stories and hearing from others about similar experiences, I like to practise my writing skills and I’ve been doing this a while now starting with Ducati Blog back in 2011, as well as a few blogs with varied topics over the years.

Actually, I recently celebrated seven years of using WordPress and I thought, maybe it was about time I paid it forward by doing a round up post? So here it is - my brief list of male and female motor-bloggers - hopefully you like what you read and give em a sub or a shout out on your social media platform of choice, or both!

Experimental Ghost

Website: Experimental Ghost Ride: Suzuki Bandit 1250 Twitter : Experimental Ghost

I started following EG years ago, and I have to admit I found him quite intriguing from the outset.

 A little bit vague, a little bit mysterious and a seemingly very funny bloke talking pure Aussie slang about his life, trials and tribulations on two wheels. After a long time I finally spoke to him one on one and indeed did meet him and the Pillion (his Mrs) and can say he is quite the amiable fellow in the flesh too.

What I really like about Adam's blog is his unique style of story-telling. It's very easy to read, filled with humour and a sense of who he really is - whether by using a bit of colloquial slang or just his own words to convey a story - I really like reading his posts, which are on time every week, once a week.

Go on, check it out, you know you wanna.

Two Wheels To There

Website: Two Wheels To There Ride: Harley Davidson XR 1200, BMW GS 800 and something about an ugly Guzzi Twitter : Two Wheels To There

Ahhh Surtch. Further and Pherther. I’ve been following Ry for a while now, and at first I was put off by the strange vernacular and crazy long form story telling, I needed to pull out the dictionary on several occasions, but after a little while that became the reason I went back.

This guy can write a tale! Then Adam, aka Experimental Ghost, and I did a little competition collaboration, and Ry was the clever bugger who worked out the cryptic question and a connection was made.

Since then I've been a massive fan of his moto-tales. He writes about once a month and every time it's well worth the read. Ry writes in the third person with the alias Surtch Pherther, but if I am not mistaken it is actually his own tales of adventure and mayhem on two wheels. I think the guy is really clever and I look forward to reading his posts every time they come out. Totally worth the Sub!

Bike Me TV

Website: Bike Me Ride: Loves a Triumph Speed Triple more than just a bit Twitter: Bike Me TV

Ever controversial, very extroverted and totally straight talking Boris cannot be ignored in my round up of motorcycle FREAKS.

He probably should take top spot but I’m intimidated by him as much as I am enamoured by him so I am just quietly sneaking him in down here a bit… hope he reads this and doesn’t freak out that a gay guy has a moto-crush on him!

He writes really elegantly for an ex 1% with a controversial past of motorcycles, drugs, sex & rock'n'roll and has even published books that are seriously funny. Not that I even know anything about outlaw MCs, but man I did enjoy his book in the same kind of way that I enjoyed Train Spotting many years ago - belly splitting guffawing out loud hilariously specific and vulgar story telling at its absolute best.

Don’t go past it, don’t mock, don’t crash and don’t piss him off!


Website: Sashmouth Ride: V Star Tatonka Twitter: Rude Biker Chick

Sash is a fascinating lady who has an amazing backstory that has lead her and her husband Steve (see below) to a nomadic life living on motorcycles and touring the States, permanently.

Yup, that’s right, these two crazy cats were basically homeless for 2 1/2 years before settling in for a bit in San Diego (forgive me if I have this wrong Sash and please do let me know!).

Amazing stories! Sash speaks her mind, is incredibly independent and says it like it is. I think she’s amazing, and her writing is always poignant, always worth a read.

Motorcycle Philosophy

Website: Motorcycle Philosophy Ride: Honda ST 1300 Twitter: Moto Philosophy

Steve is the Sash's (see Sashmouth above) husband and is quite the philosophical dude.

As he says on his website "I love to read and write deep material on our existence, perceptions, how things parallel and conflict each other, in search of some kind of enlightenment." And that is exactly what you get with Steve’s blog.

Great stories of long tours all over the United States, often waxing lyrical quite deeply about some aspect of life as a motorcyclist or human being. He is one deep dude with some awesome content to consume when it’s too wet outside to ride (never!).

Scooter In The Sticks

Website: Scooter in the Sticks Ride: Vespa Twitter: Nope

Now this may come as a surprise submission to many of you, but over the years I have come to learn much and even come to respect that riding a scooter can also be classified as motorcycling. Flame on!

And so it is that Steve became a writer that I really appreciated for his story telling and reflective style. He is a really interesting character, not sure how I came to follow his trials and tribulations but basically he writes almost every day, and he writes very well. He ponders life as an older rider, rides a Vespa and isn’t bothered by a bit of rain, or even snow! I like him. Go on, take a look, you might too.

Trobairitz tablet

Website: Trobairitz Tablet Ride: Suzuki Gladius (I think!) Twitter: Not sure

Another female blogger, Je Suis Trobairitz is an excellent and regular blogger who writes in the first person in a real tell all kind of electronic diary of her travels with her husband Troubadour.

From Oregon in the States I like to pop in now and then and find out what she has been up to. She writes in great detail and usually includes a rather awesome set of photography with each post. I get the feeling she has been doing this longer than me!


Website: Pillioness Ride: Pillion Twitter: Pillioness

 I came to Liz’s blog this year through Twitter and somehow my artwork. I PM’d her and it turned out she had bought one of my cards and really liked it!

I was so impressed I immediately started digesting everything she had ever written and I’m including this her for a fresh perspective. See, Liz is a pillion first and foremost and writes from that perspective but also encouraging other females to get out there on the back of their partners bikes and ride more.

She has a really engaging and clever style of writing and also some pretty clever marketing tricks and tips to get you to subscribe. I love a clever woman, a clever marketer and a female rider - what’s not to like?

She has a lot to offer and teach and maybe this one is for all you fellas out there with a Missus who needs a bit of encouraging to get on back and go riding with you - that can be a great start to getting her onto a bike full time herself.

Bandit Rider

Website: Bandit Rider Ride: Kawasaki Concours, Yamaha Tenere and previously Suzuki Bandits. Twitter: More of a Google+ kind guy

Another blogger that I have been following for a long while now, back before Ducati Blog and although he probably doesn’t know it, he did inspire me somewhat into the world of motorcycle blogging.

I liked the way he spoke as if talking to himself, a sort of electronic diary where he simply journals his rides and experiences in New Zealand. More a long haul tourer, Bandit Rider, aka Andrew Thompson, is you guessed it, a Kiwi fella and really obsessive rider.

I get the impression he rides most of the time, if not all of it. I like his blog because it’s comprehensive, definitely more a website than a blog, but you can hear the enthusiasm leaking from every word for everything motorcycles.

He’s been around for ages, keeps updating his bikes and writing fresh content, and a great way for me to end this post. Keep up the wicked work Andrew!


That’s it folks, I didn’t even count em up, but if you like what you see please do me the favour and subscribe to their email list and drop em a comment of encouragement - that’s all we really want as *ahem* bloggers/writers/riders. If you really like it share it on your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page so your mates can get in on the action too. Until next time, stay upright - and why not give me a sub by adding your email below :D [mc4wp_form]

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