Thursday, September 25, 2014

Motorcycle clothes for hipsters

I love a good bit of kit for my motorcycle adventures, don't get me wrong, I've got stacks of it. Jackets, jeans, boots, I even had a Dainese Gortex suit...

so I have either one of two things, no right to comment, or some experience to call a duck a duck when I see one.
Like you, I pretty much trawl the internet constantly reading about bike stuff, so when I found this ad in an article for motorcycle jeans on a well known motorcycle website with a reputation for quality, I was optimistic.

 I'd like to call out a relatively new comer to the scene in uglyBROs USA and their 'motorcycle jeans' the Motorpool.

They look pretty cool right?

I'm thinking, yeah I could rock those on the commute and get away with it for work, thinking it's kevlar or at least some heavy grade denim.

Now here's the challenge.
Try and find out what these jeans are actually made out of on this website. You'll come across Registered Trademarks like;
  • YKK® Zipper
But not a lot of information about what that actually means.

There is mention of removable CE approved knee and hip armour. I was intrigued. A

re these cotton jeans that will flay at the sight of bitumen, or some sort of denim/kevlar lined material that provides half decent protection for the commuting motorcyclist?

I emailed the company.

There you have it.

'We don't have the answer to your questions.'

They are 'fashion jeans' which means literally, as useful as tits on a bull in a motorcycle accident, but don't worry about that.

You'll look super cool as you slide down the road in your skin. These are not clothes for motorcyclists, they are clothes for hipsters who don't ride, but wanna look like they do.

At $323 USD I want more from a pair of riding jeans, and I don't need a pair of 'fashion jeans' that much, I'm not that gay.

Daily Biker denied.

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