Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Becoming a two bike family

I have decided I want to ride motorbikes. Forever...

I’m in this for the long haul, even if something gives, like a turn of bad health or an accidental loss of limb I'm still going to ride, I know two guys that do. So naturally I need more than one bike, right?
For most of my life I have been a one bike man and I’ve never really thought about owning, let alone riding more than one bike for some reason. I’d get the bike I loved, an MX 100, an RGV 250, a GSX-R 750 or an off its head Ducati Hypermotard EVO- SP and I’d ride the shit out of it. That seemed to work until now.

But now, ageing rapidly as I am, owning a Ducati Multistrada is doing something to me. It's such an expensive bike! I don't want it to be the daily ride, getting trashed from city around the windy city waiting for me to take it on a decent ride. Yeah I've turned into that guy. The guy who looks at his Ducati more than he rides it.

So with preserving its beauty and keeping it for the long term, I decided I should save up for a cheap beater bike to trash and trash on the daily commute. I had a particular kind in mind too.

I really wanted a motard, a Suzuki DRZ 400.

Rock solid, simple, single thumper with that motard appeal for commuting that should be pretty cheap and easy to keep, plus who gives a shit if you drop a motard?

Scratches just make it look better.

So once I had saved my coin I jumped in blindly and went for a drive out bush and bought the first 'Enduro' model I looked at. I have no patience for these things, it was black, had two sets of wheels (road and dirt), and the guy seemed like someone I'd happily go riding with, another bike nutter. Enuff said and my beater bike was on its way home.

This beater business, when I asked Steve he told me to Google beater hot rods. This is what I found. 

And so my dirty but functional DRZ 400e became a beater bike. Makes sense. Beater it is. Truth be known, I knee jerk purchased a dirty old banger. I dunno how it happens but it certainly isn’t the first time. If you are selling a bike I want it, then I am the dream customer that you want. I get misty eyed and can’t see past my own lust for motorcycles. Just don't tell everyone.

What I never factor in during those moments of lust, is that this beater had always been an Enduro model, all the indicators had been chopped off and removed, and it was going to be some work to get it up to Victorian roadworthiness. It’s still a dirty old beater bike that has been bush bashing all of its life. Red dust keeps falling out of it every time I change a part or wash it. Such is life. It's my beater I'll cry if I want to.

But like I said they are pretty bullet proof and it seems to have been looked after with a regular service at every 500kms of bush bashing, and it now has a new owner in me who will brap it around the city and burbs with a stoopid smile on my face.

All said and done I spent just over a grand getting it road worthy and registered, but she's now legal and I'm scrapping around the streets on a beat up banger of a motard for my daily ride, sweet as. It's a lot of fun to ride, but I'll post about that later.

I'm actually really excited about it to be honest, getting on the beater is so easy. Everything is simplified and basic and I guess I'm reliving my youth to some extent. The frame is so thin, the wheels are so skinny, it's so damn light and torquey that you can't help but smile as you pop the clutch and launch into the distance. It has a nasty bark to it too :)

Question is, how far to do I go with my beater bike?

Options are endless. So far I have got a new set of Acerbis plastics and put a dailybiker stick on it but thats it. My first thoughts are a new sticker set for the whole bike, a pipe to get rid of that chook chaser bark, maybe a jet kit to get it performing a bit better and some laced wheels so it looks like a motard.

Time will tell now I'm a two bike family.

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